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About Us

The California Congress of Republicans (CCR) is a grass-roots political organization, founded in 1989 and permanently chartered by the California Republican Party. CCR is built upon the shared Republican principles of individual liberty, genuine economic opportunities and leadership in world freedom.

CCR's primary purpose is to further the Republican Party, its philosophy and the election of Republicans.

CCR's objectives are:

To be an effective Republican grass-roots volunteer political organization.

To be the coordinator for the CCR chartered Republican grass-roots volunteer political organizations.

To be an influential political force for constructive action to preserve and protect responsible constitutional government, and to preserve honesty and integrity in California Republicanism.

To educate members and the public at large through workshops, speakers and study groups regarding pending legislation; regarding candidates for public office; and regarding important issues of the day.

To help Republican candidates through pre-primary endorsement; by fund-raising and selective support; and by serving as officers, members and leaders in other organizations.

To increase Republican registration and voter turn-out of all registered Republicans.

To encourage qualified Republicans to seek public office by assisting them to appear before groups to become well-known and to become elected.

To take part in local government and in precinct organization.

To promote unity, effectiveness and loyalty among all Republican groups.

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