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Calendar of Events

  Our Next Event:  Wednesday, April 23, 2008

            Where:  Veterans Memorial Hall, 5945 Horseshoe Bar Road, Loomis, CA
                        Time:  5:30 p.m. for social - 6:00 p.m. for presentation

                       Program:  The Republican candidates for the 4th Congressional District have been invited to attend,
present their platforms and to answer questions.  Doug Ose has confirmed he will be in attendance.  Tom McClintock
has a schedule conflict but will send a representative.  Ted Turbolizard and Suzanne Jones have also confirmed that
they will be in attendance.  The public is invited and questions will be allowed - indeed, encouraged.  You need not be a
member of the Republican Congress to attend - you only need be interested in the election.

                     Because of the importance of this race, there will be no fee to attend.  Normally the fee to attend is $15 for members and
$20 for non-members to cover the cost of the hall rental and the cost of drinks and hors doeuvres.

                     If you plan to attend we would appreciate either an email or a phone call so we can determine how many seats to set up.

     To RSVP, call the RCPC hot line at (916)786-6690 or send an email to the
following address or just click on it:


For more information on the above event please call 916-786-6690.

If you would like to be kept informed of our events and are not a member of our club, either join the club or send an email to events@placercongress.org and ask to be put on the notification list for future events. Click below for further details.

To be notified of future events, become a member or join our email list.


Past Events

The Placer Congress has featured various prominent speakers at our quarterly meetings.  Speakers have addressed both state and local political and public policy issues.  The following is a partial list:

   Congressman Dan Lungren (8/22/07) Congressman Lungren presented insightful comments on the issues of illegal immigration, the economy, foreign competition and a host of other matters. Congressman Lungren serves on the House Budget Committee, Homeland Security, and Judiciary Committees which gives him unusual insight to the issues he discussed.

   Congressman John Doolittle (5/07) Click here to read Dan Blatt's report on the Congressman's speech.

Land Development in Placer County - John Marin and Michael Johnson of Placer County Community Development Resource Agency (3/07) Click here to read Dan Blatt's report on the Congressman's speech.

Crime Management in Placer County (4/06)

   Republican Assemblyman Keith Richman (11/05)

   Special Election Ballot Initiative Forum (10/05)

   Major Eric Egland, Joint Improvised Explosive Device Task Force (10/05)

   Bryon Jones, Gov. Schwarzenegger's Northern California District Office (6/05)

   Conservative Author David Horowitz (4/05)

   Governor Schwarzenegger’s Proposed State Budget (1/05)

   Election Wrap Up with Dan Schnur (11/04)

   Achieving The Reform Agenda, Incoming Republican Senate Leader Dick Ackerman (8/04)

   How to Take an Active Part in Government, (7/04)

   2004 California Primary Forum Propositions 56, 57 & 58, Al Lundeen, Communications Director, No on 56 and Carl Burton, President, Sacramento County Taxpayers League (2/04)

   GOP Leaders Discuss Arnold's Impact, GOP Assembly Leaders Cox and McCarthy (11/03)

   Broken Promises: The State Budget Crisis, All 6 Placer County Mayors (7/03)

   Investing in Prosperity, Sierra Business Council (5/03)

   Crab Feed Fundraiser, all-you-can-eat extravaganza (3/03)

   Dan Walters, Political Columnist, Sacramento Bee (10/02)

   Bruce McPherson, State Senator and Candidate for Lt. Governor (6/02)

   Richard Riordan, Candidate for Governor (1/02)

   Mark Williams, host of "Talk Back Live" on KFBK Radio, at our 1st Annual Golf Tournament Charity Fundraiser (10/01)

   Bill Simon, Candidate for Governor in 2002 (8/01)

   Bill Jones, California Secretary of State and Candidate for Governor in 2002, speaking on "Election 2002: The New Political Battlefield" (5/01)

   Dan Walters, Political Columnist for the Sacramento Bee, speaking on "The Rise and Fall of the California Republican Party" (1/01)

   Ted Costa, Let The People Decide and People's Advocate (A Paul Gann Organization), speaking on "Making The Assembly and Senate Part Time Again" (11/99)

   Jim Brulte, Senate Caucus Chairman and Victory 2000 Co-Chairman, speaking on "Priority Agenda for the California Republican Party" (1/00)

   Shawn Steel, Vice-Chairman, California Republican Party, speaking on "Inclusionary Programs for Ethic Groups" (3/00)

   Brooks Firestone, Former State Assemblyman, speaking on "Remaking the California Republican Party as an Inclusionary Party" (5/00)

   Bernd Schwieren, Director of Strategic Information Services, Assembly Republican Caucus, speaking on "The New Californian: Changing Face of the California Voter" (7/00)

   What Is Placer Legacy?, Robert Weygandt, Placer County Supervisor, and Brigit Barnes, Attorney at Law (9/00)

   Election Post Mortem, Jim McCauley, Placer County Elections Officer (11/00)

   Ray Merz, Placer County Human Services, speaking on "Your Tax Dollars At Work" (9/99)



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