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Profile: Allison Lemkin, CLAS '08

A 2007 Leadership Legacy student

Allison Lemkin, CLAS '08, loves having the power to make changes, whether it is through volunteering or the sciences.

Lemkin, a molecular and cell biology major and sociology minor, interned for the Red Cross Children's Hospital in South Africa through UConn's study abroad program. For over three months in the spring of 2006, she researched the beliefs and customs of burn care.

Burn wounds are a major issue in South Africa where many shacks are in close quarters, according to Lemkin. “Many burn issues were with children sleeping under a pot of water and it falling over,” she said.

Along with bonding with the 12 other UConn students on the trip, she was able to play with the children and watch physicians perform surgeries.

Lemkin is using this experience in her University Scholar project to discover why different techniques are used for burn victims in South Africa and if they actually work. “I hope this research will help physicians realize why they use these things,” she said.

For her honors thesis, Lemkin is working in the lab of Margaret Sekellick, professor of molecular and cell biology, and Philip Marcus, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of Molecular and Cell Biology. She is studying molecules the body naturally produces in response to viruses.

Lemkin was chosen as one of UConn's Legacy Students. This leadership enhancing program was designed to gather students interested in helping the community and applying these skills beyond graduation.

After graduating, she hopes to pursue a career in medicine and obtain a master's degree in public health.

“I'd like to travel and do something with healthcare internationally,” she said. – Karen McCormick, CLAS ‘07