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What We Believe

The Republican Congress of Placer County believes:

In individual responsibility

In the separation of church and state

In solutions decided upon and implemented by the people through their elected representatives and the initiative process

Government should be limited to doing for people only those things they cannot do for themselves

Government power and resources should be kept close to the people through their local leaders rather than centralized in distant, big government

In the competitive, free-enterprise system

Peace and freedom can be protected only if America maintains a defense force strong enough to deter any aggressor.  We oppose unnecessary intervention in the internal affairs of other nations and stress helping our friends around the globe to develop the skills and strengths necessary to protect themselves and participate in an open and free market economy.

In a balanced budget and paying down the national debt

A healthy environment is part of our national wealth and we know that a healthy economy can be achieved without doing harm to our environment

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